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Bob Beck’s blood electrification device – electrifier

Bozidar Grilc

Hi, my name is Bozidar and I am a Hypnotherapist by profession. In my free time I am also a researcher. My interests are electricity and electronics so I assembled Bob Beck’s device and have been using it now for 5-6 years. Since using this device, I have never been ill. Not even the common cold or flu. I have also checked my blood and the blood of my clients on a dark field microscope. At the bottom you can see the results after two hours of using Bob Beck’s electrifier.
On the internet I have seen a lot of these devices which are all fine, but my initial concept was to make it more inexpensive and interesting. So, I put together all the electronic parts needed to form the complete kit for assembling your own Bob Beck’s electrifier. You will receive everything needed for assembly: from resistors to the plastic box with ready made holes. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is made professionally, not home-made. All you will then need is a 9V battery and you are ready to go. With the Complete Kit you will also receive a manual on how to assemble the device and instructions on how to use it. You can also check on the internet if you are still unsure as to what this device can do for you. There are many sites full of Bob Beck devices.
If you are unfamiliar with electronics or soldering, anyone who works with electronics can do this for you. But if electronics interest you, you can use it as a project and then give the device to your parents or grandparents. In my opinion, this device is to invaluable not to have at home!
On pictures you can see:

My blood before using the device!                                    My blood after two hours of using the device!
Dark field Microskope - Blood before electrificationDark field Microskope - Blood after electrification






You can clearly see the difference: the cells are moving apart, which is good. Cells must float freely (not stick together) to carry oxygen in your body.

Bob Beck electronic kitBob Becks printed circuit board

Bob Beck assembled deviceWrist electrodes for blood electrification
What you will receive in this Electronic Kit Complete:

  • Electronic parts,

  • Professionally made PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ) with soldering mask,

  • Quality made plastic box with ready made holes,

  • Velcro for fastening the electrodes on the wrist,

  • Electrodes,

  • Knob,

  • Wire with miniature plug,

  • Assembly manual ( via e-mail ).

Battery not included!

Wishing you great fun and a lot of good health!

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Bob Beck electrification device kit
Bob Beck electrification device electronic kit for electronics enthusiast. Do it yourself. If you dont know how to solder, please don't order this kit. Choose already assembled device.

Already soldered PCB
Already soldered PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Factory made by robot and tested. You must solder only potentiometer and mono socked. This already made PCB comes with all other material (wires, plastic case, etc) for assembling the device.

Already assembled Bob Beck Device
Already assembled Bob Beck Device ready to use. The only thing you must do is wrap cotton gauze around the electrodes and you are ready to go. Battery not included.

Ozonated olive oil cream
Pure ozonated olive oil cream, made with the recipe from Nikola Tesla. Great for skin and a lot of other things. 0,85 oz / 25 ml . The high concentration ozone is bubbled through olive oil for several weeks and at the end this olive oil is transformed in to a cream.

Printed Circuit Board
Spare Printed Circuit Board (PCB), factory made.

Electrodes for Bob Beck device
Spare electrodes for Bob Beck device, factory made.


Disclaimer notice:

Our Bob Beck Products and the Beck Protocol are not offered as medical devices or advice and are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease. Always consult a licensed health care professional if you have a health related condition.

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