Bob Beck’s blood electrification device – electrifier

Bob Beck’s blood electrification device simplifies the process of removing parasites and bacteria from your body, employing gentle electrical pulses transmitted through your wrist.

bozidar grilc using bob beck device

Hi, my name is Bozidar and I am a Hypnotherapist by profession. In my free time, I am also a researcher. My interests are electricity and electronics so I assembled Bob Beck’s device and have been using it now for more than 15 years.

Since using the Bob Beck Device, I have never been ill. Not even the common cold or flu. I have also checked my blood and the blood of my clients on a dark field microscope. At the bottom, you can see the results after two hours of using Bob Beck’s electrifier.

Why should you get the Bob Beck electrification device?

On the internet, I have seen a lot of these devices which are all fine, but my initial concept was to make them more inexpensive and interesting.

Give the device to your parents or grandparents. In my opinion, this Bob Beck blood electrification device is too invaluable not to have at home!

Check the Google Patents site. It is full of interesting patents about using electricity for healing.

In the pictures you can see my blood before and after 2 hours of using the device:

blood electrification under microscope before using Bob Beck blood electrification device Blood electrification under microscope after using Bob Beck blood electrification device

You can clearly see the difference: the cells are moving apart, which is good. Cells must float freely (not stick together) to carry oxygen in your body.

Read more about the Bob Beck’s blood electrification device on this page

bob beck device under dark fiel miscroscope
Dark Field Microscope, which I bought several years ago. The idea was to check to see if the Bob Beck blood electrification device is only a placebo, or not.  It is not just a placebo. The blood in the pictures above is showing the result when using the device for two hours. When you are looking at the microscope in live you can see the difference even better. If you have the possibility, go and check your blood under the Dark Field Microscope.

electronic parts for the Bob Beck blood electrification device Printed circuit board for Bob Beck blood electrification device
Wrist electrodes for Bob Beck blood electrification device The inside of the Bob Beck blood electrification device


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When you buy the Bob Beck device, you get everything you need to use it.
The device, cable, electrodes, velcro, and cotton sleeves.

The 9V battery is NOT included and can be obtained from any store.

Disclaimer notice:

Our Bob Beck Products and the Beck Protocol are not offered as medical devices or advice and are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease. Always consult a licensed health care professional if you have a health-related condition.






















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