40 days long fasting experience

Why did I even start this experiment with 40 days long fasting?

As you know, my primary business is hypnotherapy.

Sometime around 2006, I had an interesting client in my office. He was average in size, but quite heavy. Already on the edge of obesity.

We started hypnotherapy but he didn’t accept hypnosis, so I let him go. This is common in our practice. You can’t force someone into hypnosis. Hypnosis is a permissible state of consciousness.

However, this person contacted me again after 2 years.

When he came to my office I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a completely different person. A slender, energetic, confident, and fit man. The change was so obvious that I asked him about his secret. He was just towards the end of his 44-day long fasting.

However, the thing that surprised and impressed me the most was his hypnotic state.

He went so deep into hypnosis that at the end of the therapy he had quite a bit of trouble emerging out of it. Which is a fairly rare matter in our practice.

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

This impressed me so much that I asked for all the possible advice and ideas regarding fasting that he freely gave me.

I was most impressed by his explanation of the focus ability he achieved during fasting.

And that’s the first thing I always experience while fasting. Mental purity.

The mind becomes empty, the thoughts become clearer.

You have the feeling that you can cut paper with your thoughts. Amazing.

The other thing that impressed me and probably will excite you too is the energy. It goes up every day. The less you eat, the more energy you have.

The day my fat cells first started to open up, on the 7th or 8th day, I felt an extraordinary rush of energy. 

I started cleaning the apartment at 8.00 in the morning and I didn’t stop until 9.00 in the evening, and that’s only because there was no more natural light. 

Something like this has never happened to me before. Amazing.

And of course, you have more time available. Amazing how much time we spend preparing food and eating. But I personally had no problem preparing food for my family. No problem. You’re just fasting.

Of course, it may happen that you will be fasting one day with less energy, but that passes. Depending on how much work your body has. This is where your eating history will be seen.

But believe me. Once you fast, it won’t be the last time.

Here, of course, I would like to give my personal Disclaimer.

If you have health problems, consult your doctor before fasting.

I don’t know exactly what health issues might be preventing you from fasting.

Maybe diabetes? Blood pressure? Consult!

I’m not a doctor. These are just my experiences.

Why would someone perform fasting?

Losing weight is just one of the benefits.

Russians adore alternative approaches to treatment. That is why fasting is called scalpel-free surgery.

Your body will get rid of toxins and waste.

When you take away food from the body, the body devotes itself to itself.

The body begins to eat “itself”.

It starts with dirt in the body and then goes to muscle and fat.

So you will feel a little sewn and dried but with a lot of focus and a lot of energy.

Interestingly, energy levels go up during fasting.

You will find it easier to think and work.

Focus is probably one thing that always impresses me the most.

Unfortunately, when I start eating again, the fuzziness of thoughts returns again.

As a prep, you can start a couple of days earlier with smoothies.

Enema is mandatory. You have a lot of instructions on the internet on how to implement it. Buy an enema set at the pharmacy. It is usually a plastic bag, with a long tube and a valve to open and close the water. 

Additionally, buy Vaseline cream. Pour ½ liter (3 glasses) of lukewarm water with a little lemon juice into the bag and perform an enema.

It is best to perform an enema once a day.

Your digestive tract stops somewhere after two to three days.

Later during fasting, you may hear your stomach growling every now and then. Drink a glass or two of water and it will stop.

You need to help your body get rid of toxins. An enema is the best way to do this. (I also used a Bob Beck device during fasting.

Your body is cleansed of all dirt and rebuilt.

You get new layers of muscle and fat, which is great. Your internal organs rest because they no longer have to work at full steam.

Avoid salt.

Salt retains water in your body.

Even after fasting, try to salt your food less. Cut down on fast food because it is extremely salty.

Muscle cramps and pain are common. You can lubricate yourself with magnesium oil.

Usually after fasting you gain back somewhere around half the weight you lost.

A little more self-control after fasting regarding food is welcome.

Here is my personal advice from my work:

In hypnotherapy, the practice has shown the following:

Up to 15 kg (33 pounds) of the excess over your estimated weight is usually an eating habit, little by little you just start eating more. This may be due to lack of time, job, stress, etc.

Over 15 kg of excess is about emotions. You no longer feed your body but your emotions.

My advice is, find a good hypnotherapist to find out what emotions you are having and how to handle the matter. 

In my practice, I do a lot of hypnotherapies to help lose weight and it is extremely effective.

Your body will start burning fat faster as soon as you switch to the Keto state.
So get some test strips so you can track Ketosis.

Ketosis Strips

One funny thing that happened to me sometime in the last week of the fasting was that it started to crack in my ears. Same as changing height when the eardrum adjusts to pressure.
The matter was so disturbing that I began to put drops of olive oil in my ears during the day. Several times a day because the body immediately sucked it up. 

Not only did the body suck the fatty ear wax but also the scalp, skin, the whole body, in general, has become degreased. Amazing what the body can do.

Mild headaches are possible for the first few days. If it is too much, take a pill.

People think this is due to a drop in blood sugar. However, research has shown that this is due to reduced blood pressure.

You can measure it, I didn’t.

  • Make as many pictures and videos as possible to have documented.
  • Weigh yourself at the same time every day. Best after an enema.
  • Water and teas on request.

In the morning, you can squeeze half a lemon into the water to make your body as alkaline as possible. You can also do this after fasting.

Finish fasting with soft foods.

Soak dried prunes overnight the day before the end of fasting.

Then continue for a few more days with other soft foods. Bananas, soft noodles, etc.

And one last thought: The best day to start your fasting is TODAY 🙂

If you have already done fasting, write your experience in the comments. You will help others to make an easier decision. 

And here is my 40-days journey in pictures. Amazing experience.

Bozidar Grilc 40 days fasting experience

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