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Edgar CayceEdgar Cayce

As you may know, I’m a hypnotherapist.


Exploring Deep State Hypnosis:

For the past six years, I’ve been working in the field of deep state hypnosis, where people enter a different state of consciousness. While in this state of consciousness, certain channels open up which are sometimes hard to understand, especially when the only knowledge received is through classical training.

Historical Figures and Consciousness:

American born Edgar Cayce, also known as the sleeping prophet, was a man who was probably most documented for using this state of consciousness. In his lifetime, he gave more than 14.000 readings. Throughout history, there were many more people who entered this deep state of hypnosis. Among the most known are Nostradamus, Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, etc. Today we know and can comprehend what this is. Back then, it was perceived as slightly taboo.

I have managed to lead various people into this deep state of hypnosis similar to where  Edgar Cayce was, but a particular woman named Andrea has from the very beginning most responded to enter this deep state. Although the subject is otherwise unusual, after so many years I have learned to work in this field and yet, it still fascinates me.

Evolution of Andrea’s Abilities:

Andrea and I have gone through different phases of development regarding her state. Today we’ve reached the level where she doesn’t need any contact with people (at the beginning she needed to make personal contact). She can give a reading for the state of your mind and body. In the last year, we’ve been mainly concentrating on working at this level.

Global Reach and Methodology:

People call us from almost all corners of the world. Andreja examines the person in question and gives her analystis of the mind and body. She then gives advice on how to help this person. This is not a matter of medical diagnosis but merely a reading of the mind and body with guidelines for improving your state and/or situation.


In the 6 years that I have worked with Andrea,

I’ve seen a lot of things and I have to say, that she is very thorough and precise. I have to admit though, it has taken me quite a while to convince her to offer this opportunity to the general public. She still prefers the personal confrontation with a person. In the end, I convinced her of the idea that this matter was too significant to stay only between us. If she has the ability to help someone on the other side of the world, so be it.

How does this work and what can you expect? : All we need is the name of the person who wants to be examined. If this is not you and you are ordering a reading for another person, then we would ask for this person to give us their consent. This is ethically correct. It is also often harder for Andrea to read a person who doesn’t wish to be read.

So once a week, in my office, Andrea works with people who have made an appointment. A summary of these readings I then send to you by e-mail. Here, I would ask for some tolerance as to my English skills. This is for me quite a large strain, as it involves specific terms and I wouldn’t want to lose the true meaning of the readings through translation.

As this is not about money, but only for the time taken and logistics, we offer you a 100% guarantee on satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the reading, let me know and I will refund your money. No questions asked. If you misuse our trust, your karma will catch up with you anyway.

With your payment please state:

  1. Full name of the person to examine
  2. The part of the body or organ, which you wish to be read in greater detail. If this is not relevant, then please write, general examination.

A few points to be taken into attention:

Andrea is not a clairvoyant as it was Edgar Cayce, so please don’t ask about the future, etc…

In the case that Andrea cannot give you a reading, we will return your money immediately! This has happened, although very rarely ( only 3 people in a span of 6 years).

And last of all: This reading is of an informative nature and is not a medical diagnosis. If you are ill, please seek a medical practitioner.

Check how healthy you are!

Unfortunately, Andrea has stopped doing the readings for the moment for personal reasons.
Thanks for understanding.



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