Book for parents, children, and partners

Me&You Book for parents, children, and partners

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Me & You’ by Lara & Bozidar Grilc

The book in front of you is likely to raise some controversy, especially among “school knowledgeable” people.

Thousands of books have been written about people’s relationships, teens, partnerships, and understanding of others.

However, this booklet was created in a rather unusual way.

I am a hypnotherapist, which means that I use hypnosis in my work with clients.

I was introduced to learning about hypnosis and its characteristics as a teenager.

However, its practical application became mature in my middle years, when I started to work as a hypnotherapist.

During the work with hypnosis, I realized that it is a wonderful tool that can take you to different states of consciousness as well, so for the last 10 years, I have devoted most of my time to this.

As we descend this path, the boundaries between school knowledge and real-life experience start to change.

All of a sudden you notice that a lot of things are not as you were taught and that there is something more, something elusive, unprovable, but you know that it is there.

Typically, entering these fields happen when major life changes occur, or when the time comes for them.

One day, I “woke up” and began to notice a different world around me.

Things were no longer as usual. The world around me started to collapse, change.

When this is happening, you are a little confused, you no longer know what it is, you get new ideas and yes, many people would call it menopause or andropause 🙂

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However, at the time of these changes, my daughter Lara, who has easily entered the deepest states of hypnosis since she was 10 years old, started to get some explanations regarding me and my life changes.

Initially, she could not pinpoint exactly where she was getting it from, but later everything became crystal clear.

I won’t go into the details of her entry into these unusual fields in the book, because it is quite difficult to describe the whole thing.

We started exploring the matter further and noticed that we could also get answers to the questions we asked.

We spend hours and hours exploring this new world, and this work helped me understand what was happening around me and why.

Are you confused? Don’t get along with your parents? With children? What’s going on with your partner?

The answers to all these questions can be found in this small Me&You Book booklet, which 14-year-old Lara and I wrote in 2019 and have now also translated and published on Amazon in Kindle form.

You can find it here: Me & You Book on Amazon

After reading the book, you will probably have quite a few additional questions.

Lara and I will try to answer them all. The review on Amazon is also welcome to give a little boost to Amazon’s algorithm.

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