Ozonated olive oil cream

Nikola Tesla

I would like to present to you the ozonated olive oil cream.
This is a great product and was invented by Nikola Tesla who was practically my neighbor. He was born in Smiljan, a small town just a few hours from my place. If you never heard of ozonated olive oil cream, here is a little bit about its production : the high concentration of ozone is bubbled through olive oil for several weeks. The olive oil is transformed in to a cream. This cream is great because it’s full of ozone and you can use it for disinfection, skin care, wounds, hemorrhoids, etc. In Europe the ozone is popular in pools and water disinfection.
Because my daughter ( 16 ) is studying in the field of cosmetics, she is running the business. Slovenia, for centuries, is well known for its quality olive oil and we purchase it directly from the local farmers.
The web is full of ozonated olive oil creams and I tend to see a lot of exaggeration, like this cream is a cure for everything. Certainly not, but we tried it on teen skin full of acne and it works really well. My youngest daughter used it on her elbow where she had two large warts and unbelievably after a week the warts disappeared ( see the photos ).

Through my experience, this cream should be in every home – so give it a try !

P.S. The cream does have a strong smell, as it is ozone in pure olive oil. Without chemicals !


Teenage skin with just a few days apart. The acne are starting to dry.

1 skin before     2 skin after


Shipping and handling

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I now have (since this year, 2016), a contract with Fedex, so you now have the option of regular post or Fedex – which will mean receiving your device in a matter of days.

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Ozonated Olive Oil Cream
Ozonated Olive Oil Cream
Pure ozonated olive oil cream, originally produced from Nikola Tesla. An antibacterial/antifungal cream. Great for skin care. 0,85 oz / 25 ml . The high concentration of ozone is bubbled through olive oil and strong magnetic fields, for several weeks. The result of this process transforms the olive oil in to a cream. Magnetic field improves the viscosity of the cream.

Ready to use – BOB BECK'S DEVICE
Ready to use – BOB BECK'S DEVICE
Already assembled, Bob Beck's Device - ready to use. All you will have to do is wrap cotton gauze around the electrodes, soak them in salt water and fasten them on your wrists with the velcro which is included. Now you are ready to go. Battery not included.

Bob Beck Electrification Device Kit
Bob Beck Electrification Device Kit
Bob Beck electrification device electronic kit for electronics enthusiast. Do it yourself. If you dont know how to solder, please don't order this kit. Choose already assembled device.

Electrodes for BOB BECK Device
Electrodes for BOB BECK Device
Spare electrodes for Bob Beck device, factory made.

Printed Circuit Board
Printed Circuit Board
Spare Printed Circuit Board (PCB), factory made.

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