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 by Michele

I received the device in February 2023. I worked my way up to using it 3+ hours a day. I can feel the pulsing. I am doing colloidal silver with it. I have noticed no change in my body. If anything, I am worse off. I have gained 8 pounds in the last couple of months. I am disappointed with the lack of results. If anyone has any advice to how this device can help me, I would love to hear it. M

Huh, that's awkward. Please don't kill the messenger. I would like you to understand that I am only a device assembler. The diagram and instructions are available on the Internet for free. I am not a doctor and this is not a medical device. It has helped me and thousands of others. Keep exploring. I wish you abundant health. Advice for everyone: please do not use the device for more than 2 hours a day, at least for the first few months. Some bodies have a harder time getting rid of toxins than others. Slow and steady. It is all written in the Bob Beck lecture.


bonjour a tous
j ai bien reçu mon colis dans un temp raisonnable je donne mon avis sur l efficacité donc de l appareil de bob beck je pense que cette appareil contribue a fluidifier le sang et donc donne une meilleur efficacités aux systèmes immunitaires , en effet on ressent beaucoup moins le froid avec l utilisation de l électrificateur en hiver , ceci signifie donc une meilleure circulation du sang et le l énergie vitale , je donne ici mon avis de naturopathe depuis '40ANS , l appareil et simple robuste facile d utilisation prix raisonnable donc félicitations pour tout le sérieux et le respect clients , longue vie et bonne santé a vous tous , guy naturopathe

Merci beaucoup pour la critique - Thanks for the great review.The Google translation for non-French people :)Hello everyoneI received my package in a reasonable time I give my opinion on the effectiveness of Bob Beck's device I think that this device helps to thin the blood and therefore gives better efficiency to the immune systems, in fact, we feel much less the cold with the use of the energizer in winter, this, therefore, means better blood circulation and vital energy, I give here my opinion as a naturopath for '40 YEARS, the device is simple and robust easy to use reasonable price so congratulations for everything seriousness and respect for customers, long life and good health to all of you, naturopath guy

 by Cathy

The package arrived in excellent condition. The fact that it took 3 months for it to arrive made me a little concerned, but it did! This works very well! I'm looking forward to great results!

Hi Cathy, yeah after the Covid I see that delivery time is prolonged. Let me know about the results 🙂

 by Loli
Happy with order!

The device came quite fast for the distance and in perfect condition. Works as expected and looks very well made. Thank you, will order again!

 by Rafael
Fantastic Device

Its been almost One month that I am using the device.
The purchase was all right, delivery time all right. The package was very well wrap up and not a complain on this side.
Since I am using this device and Ozonated Water plus Olive oil also Ozonated. Since starting taking the ozone I stop coloidal silver due to the fact that Ozone may affect the Coloidal Silver end result.
Taking Ozone and Now with this device, I dont like saying this but it is true, my life completly changed for the better.
Like most people say I am very grateful that a person can create such a beautyful device for a very affordable price.
I can just say Thank you to the people who create this wonderful device and to wish a long life filled with health.

Thank you!

Thanks Rafael 😉

 by David
So grateful for it!

So happy to find out about the Bob Beck protocol and to find a reputable person selling a well-built device that is reasonably priced. Bought two (one for myself and one for parents) and been using it for 4 months and feeling much better after a whole year of feeling under the weather. Use it every day for 2 hours, and sometimes up to 6 hours. Started colloidal silver as well recently. Just ordered 3 more as I don't want to ever be without such an amazing device. Wish more people knew about this! Thanks again!

Thanks for the kind words, David.Yes, this device should be in every safe.Bozidar

 by Barbara Charlson
One of Best Purchases EVER!!

Thanks to KElmer YouTube channel for recommending the blood electrification device. I absolutly LOVE IT!!! I bought it for my family to combat the Coronavirus in case we become infected but started using it immediately and felt relief from arthritis right away. It's one of the best Internet purchases that I've ever made. Very, very communication, too... Blessings - Barb

Thanks, Barb, yeah Coronavirus is a primary hypnosis right now. But relief from arthritis is a new one, great. I wish you and your family a lot of health.Bozidar

 by Alkaline Vegan

I received 2 devices rapidly.
Got results after the first use.
Thank you very very much ☀️
Bob Beck said this is not for
vegans but it works GREAT on
me. (3,5 years vegan now.)

Thanks. Appreciate 🙂

 by Alkaline Vegan
add to my short statement

Vegans don't have a deathwish
at all. I love life so much that I
want animals to enjoy life also.

Go vegan :)Animal rocks.

 by Robert

I just wanted you to know that I received your device, and I have already been treating myself daily.
Here is some feedback: This device absolutely works! Years ago I purchased a SOTA device and I treated myself daily. Initially, I came down with flu-like symptoms—headache, malaise, aching legs, and depression. But I knew they were die-off symptoms, so I stayed with it. And those exact symptoms are what I am experiencing now.

I do not know what became of my SOTA device, but I was not willing to spend another $300 dollars. Your device is a third of the price and well worth it. It works!!

Thank you

Thanks, Robert. Yes SOTA is a fine product, but the price can be a challenge.

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