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by Norbert Rohl on
Becks BE Unit

The kit is well made and easy to assemble, even for anyone without any electronic experience. It is affordable and also ideal for electronic technicians who might not have the time to do the development themselves. The assembly manual is easy to follow and any questions are answered by Bozidar promptly. Overall, a good buy, deserving 5 stars!


by Chris on

Excellent product at a great price. Only just started using this so can't comment yet on how effective the therapy is. Only comment is that the electrodes require wrapping in gauze and soaking in saline solution which is a pain. To improve on this, I have purchased from amazon some reusable 25mm diameter adhesive electrodes normally used for tens machines. These have a 2mm connection and perfectly connect to the Bob Beck device. Seems to work well. If 25mm is too large they can easily be trimmed down with a pair of scissors.

by glen on
Bob Beck’s electrification device

hi. i received my device 4 days after purchase. very good little gadget. i would recomend this seller/ thanks

Thanks Glen.

by Chuck L on
Revision to previous review

Maybe I spoke too soon. After posting the previous negative review (and admittedly not attempting to resolve with an email), I did receive an email with shipping confirmation. I'll post another review after I receive and try the unit.In my humble opinion, 2-3 days to ship is kind of the norm and that was what I expected. I guess that's what I get from having expectations.At this point, I will recommend you order from this site. Sorry to be so quick to allow my stress to get the best of me. Perhaps it's a symptom of what I am looking for a cure for in your device. 🙂

Thanks for honesty Chuck. Be well.

by Chuck L on
Do not order from this site!!!!

I promptly received an email after ordering over a week ago, stating the order was received. Still no email to say it shipped. I've been had, don't let it happen to you too.

Huh, after 18 years in hypnotherapy i am still impressed about people negativity. Chuck, the time you have spent with this review, you could spend it to send me an email to resolve the situation. I had too many orders and i have sent yours with delay. Sorry. Anyway, the device is on its way to you.
Be positive 🙂

by Nick on

Fantastic little device well built thank you very much all good except the electrodes could do with being a little longer as only half an inch long but other than that very happyThanks again

Thanks Nick, yeah...electrodes. After so many time i finally developed new type of electrodes and they will be ready till end of january. Will let you know.

by MZI on
Great Piece of Invention and Service

The product came in good shape and I could feel the difference after using it for a few days. Unfortunately somehow it stopped working after a while, probably due to something in the machine got displaced. Emailed Mr Bozidar and he kindly sending a new one as replacement. Thank you Mr Bozidar. Great work and service.

by Adrian on

Many thanks for the Bob Beck Purifier. This is a very professionally made unit in a strong custom case, and is working perfectly. Bozidar has created an impressive web site to sell his products which shows his commitment to providing a first class service.

Thanks Adrian, Merry christmas and a great 2017 🙂

by Kelly Parnell on
No unit yet

Emailed Boozier three times with no response. I ordered one of these units thirteen days ago and he has my money, but no unit yet. I've contacted him three times and he has yet to reply.

In the meantime we resolved the issue. The problem was in emails. I will definitely answer your emails, but sometimes my reply goes to SPAM folder and unfortunatly a lot of people doesn't check SPAM folder. Don't allow Google to manage your life. A lot of usefull stuff goes to Spam, because of Gmail and similar filters.
When you order the device, i'll send you an email you that i received your order, and the next email when the device was dispatched.
If you don't hear from me, please check your SPAM folder.

Enjoy the summer

P.S. The device was already at her place...this is USPS notice from the tracking number 🙁
July 22, 2016 , 11:39 am Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)

by Nachama Nadine Miller RN on
Perfect transaction!

Received in Romney, WV, USA 4 days after Paypal payment. Wrapped very securely. Very appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks 🙂

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