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by Chuck L on
Do not order from this site!!!!

I promptly received an email after ordering over a week ago, stating the order was received. Still no email to say it shipped. I've been had, don't let it happen to you too.

Huh, after 18 years in hypnotherapy i am still impressed about people negativity. Chuck, the time you have spent with this review, you could spend it to send me an email to resolve the situation. I had too many orders and i have sent yours with delay. Sorry. Anyway, the device is on its way to you.
Be positive 🙂

by Nick on

Fantastic little device well built thank you very much all good except the electrodes could do with being a little longer as only half an inch long but other than that very happyThanks again

Thanks Nick, yeah...electrodes. After so many time i finally developed new type of electrodes and they will be ready till end of january. Will let you know.

by MZI on
Great Piece of Invention and Service

The product came in good shape and I could feel the difference after using it for a few days. Unfortunately somehow it stopped working after a while, probably due to something in the machine got displaced. Emailed Mr Bozidar and he kindly sending a new one as replacement. Thank you Mr Bozidar. Great work and service.

by Adrian on

Many thanks for the Bob Beck Purifier. This is a very professionally made unit in a strong custom case, and is working perfectly. Bozidar has created an impressive web site to sell his products which shows his commitment to providing a first class service.

Thanks Adrian, Merry christmas and a great 2017 🙂

by Kelly Parnell on
No unit yet

Emailed Boozier three times with no response. I ordered one of these units thirteen days ago and he has my money, but no unit yet. I've contacted him three times and he has yet to reply.

In the meantime we resolved the issue. The problem was in emails. I will definitely answer your emails, but sometimes my reply goes to SPAM folder and unfortunatly a lot of people doesn't check SPAM folder. Don't allow Google to manage your life. A lot of usefull stuff goes to Spam, because of Gmail and similar filters.
When you order the device, i'll send you an email you that i received your order, and the next email when the device was dispatched.
If you don't hear from me, please check your SPAM folder.

Enjoy the summer

P.S. The device was already at her place...this is USPS notice from the tracking number 🙁
July 22, 2016 , 11:39 am Notice Left (No Authorized Recipient Available)

by Nachama Nadine Miller RN on
Perfect transaction!

Received in Romney, WV, USA 4 days after Paypal payment. Wrapped very securely. Very appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

Thanks 🙂

by James Powell on

Just reordered five more units. Does that tell you anything?

It does. Thanks.

by Bozidar on
Success story

With Alan's permission. Thanks Alan.

Hi Bozidar,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

There's no sign of it yet but good to know it's on it's way 🙂

I've suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a number of years and conventional medicine had nothing to offer me in the way of a cure and it was getting progressivelyworse, so I started looking into alternative treatments a couple of years ago and have become a big of fan of electro medicine. I managed to coble together a BobBeck device myself which I felt was doing great things for me, but my soldering skills are real bad and it was a little rough and ready and it's now stopped working. Iwas delighted to find your device at such a reasonable price which will allow me to replace my broken unit without having to try to repair it (or start again, whichwould probably be a better option)

I'm now pain free and am confident in telling everyone that I've cured myself of arthritis but intend to keep electrifying the blood for general health and wellbeing..These units are so simple to use and are also great for lending to friends and family too!


Hi Bozidar,

I've now received my unit and gave it a test run and it works perfectly so I'm delighted with it.

Yes, please feel free to use my story for your sire as you wish. I think these machines should be much higher profile and every home should have one.

I would point out though, that I was doing more than just using this machine to get the result. It was a combination of diet change, supplements and some electricalunits to attack the pathogens and 'recharge' the cells. (Along with the Bob Beck unit I also used a Spooky2 frequency generator Rife type machine and a violet.wand)This gave me a sort of three pronged strategy - give the body what it needs to work properly and strengthen the immune system, make it an unfriendly environmentfor pathogens to thrive and attack these pathogens directly. I've no way of accurately measuring how each one contributed in all of this, but I do feel that the Bob Beckunit played a very important role and believe it is a very effective machine which is so easy to use (I love the simplicity of it) and although this is the unit I got last, I'drecommend this as the one to go for as a first choice in regards to electro medication.

Sorry if that's a little more complicated endorsement than you're probably looking for, but I think it's a fair and genuine one.

I hope this is some use to you, please feel free to use it as you wish as long as you keep the proper context of it .

Best regards,


by Bryan on

Hi there,

Bought this device about a year ago for my girlfriend who was getting sick and taking antibiotics nearly monthly. This had actually been happening from long before we met! Infections and random illnesses all the time!

Nearly a year since getting this, and she hasn't used it a lot. SHE HASNT BEEN SICK ONCE! Not even a cold….nothing! Unreal!

Thanks, I am spreading the word with the athletes I work with.

Thanks again!


Thanks Bryan. My story is very similar.

by Loic on

A part of the device broke down, and he was offered a complete refund. I instead chose for a new one, which he accepted. Excellent service!;)


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