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by Sanda-Luminita Mihai on
Thank you!

Very professional!
I ordered 2 devices, they arrived in very good condition.
Fast shipping and great support from Bozidar!
Thank you!

Thanks 🙂

by David on
truly pleased

Bozidar is a true disciple of Dr. Beck. The products he provides are economical and quite affordable. I am impressed with the quality. I find the stainless steel electrodes to be unique and very effective. There was an issue however, but that was addressed promptly. Overall, I'm truly pleased.

My wish... given some confusion with magnetic pulsers and methods of colloidal silver production, it would be great to have those items on offer. However, any insight would be helpful and appreciated. Many thanks from sunny Florida.


Thanks David 😉 I appreciate it.
Yeah, the magnetic pulser and colodial silver...maybe in the future 🙂
The magnetic pulser is a chalenge, because of the high voltage and i discovered that is easier to buy colodial silver instead of making it 🙂

by Sophie on
Consistant with the Spirit of Bob Beck !

I have myself designed and built Bob Beck devices within my Lyme patients association. The idea was that everyone would build his own and we did workshops that would last a whole day in order to build them. But for some people it was very difficult to solder the small parts because they had vision problems or shaking hands. The devices that were sold by a canadian company were horribly expensive. Then I found these ! They work well, the price is pretty fair. So the people who can't build them themselves can have them at a very reasonable price. THANK YOU !
I'd add a remark though about the cotton sleeves. I can't stand their contact. Are you sure it's cotton? I instead wrap the electrodes in paper tissue, and I use some gel for echography, this is a very good electricity conductor and it's very smooth for the skin. And it's not expensive.

Thanks Sophie 🙂

by Ellen on
Tips for those who use adhesive tips with the device

This is an update to my first review. If someone is using the adhesive tips with this device, I have an advice: dissolve some salt in the water and then add some thickener. You will get a gel like solution which has a very good electrical conductivity. And in plus it is not expensive comparing to the colloidal silver.

Thanks fot the tip Ellen 🙂

by Warin West-El on
Wonderful Product

I ordered this product in the middle of Winter. From the day it was posted in Slovenia until the day it arrived took 24 days. Paying attention to the tracking is really a waste of time. For example, it stayed stuck on "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for six days.

When your package arrives in the US, the tracking doesn't get any better. So going to the USPS website is also a waste of time. Just order it and be patient. Your device will eventually come.

When the item arrived, the box was slightly smashed. But Bozidar packages the product extremely well and the device itself was in pristine condition.

I have a Sota magnetic pulser but I'm glad I bought the blood electrification device from Bozidar and not from Sota.

Bozidar's device is very professionally done. That includes the instructions which come with it. This is a high quality item and I'm finding it very easy to use.

The one thing I would caution is that it's suggested to use salt water on the cotton sleeves. I started that way but online I found an article which suggested using colloidal silver, because salt tends to irritate the skin more.

If you make your own colloidal silver then this should be no problem. However, if you buy it at the health food store then using it on the sleeves will probably become cost prohibitive.

One other thing: I washed my cotton sleeves with my socks and now I'm missing one. I'm hoping that Bozidar will offer a quantity of extra cotton sleeves for sale without the electrodes.

If you've looked around the internet for Bob Beck devices then you know that most of them are sold at vastly inflated prices with lots of unnecessary adjustments to try and justify the outrageous prices.

Bozidar's device is an honest, straightforward tool that works well without pretense and is sold at an affordable price. Personally, I think it's the best blood electrification device on the internet. The trade off is that you will have to wait awhile for the device to arrive. For me, that was no problem.

Finally, consider this: Using this device effectively means being committed to using it EVERY DAY for at least TWO TO THREE MONTHS. That requires resolve and patience. If you haven't got the patience to wait for this device to arrive from Slovenia then you probably don't possess the patience to use it effectively. Your attitude is just as much a part of the healing process as the device. They go together.

Bozidar can only do so much. He is offering a wonderful product at an exceptional price. The rest, my friend, is up to YOU.

Wow Warin, somebody will think that i have paid you for this comprehensive review 🙂
Thanks, i'm glad that my work is appreciated.

Be well

by IDA on

Everything was ok quality,functionality,deliver time,packaging.THANKS!


by Ellen on
Very happy with the purchase

I received the device couple of days ago. I already use it. I would like to explain to those who worry about the shipping. I ordered the device on December 28, 2017. Couple of days later I contacted Bozidar and asked him to give me the tracking number. The site provided me information about the shipping from Slovenia. Then I checked the american postal office site. I could see on this site that the package has been shipped on 12/28/2017, but did not come to the US yet. Finally, on 1/9/2018 I saw that the package arrived to NY, and on 1/16/18 I received my package. I could see where my package was. If you want a faster delivery, you have an option to pay more. Just keep in mind that the package is coming from Europe(Slovenia). The quality of the device is very good. I do not have any doubts that I made the right choice. I use the adhesive electrodes from my tens machine for the convenience. I would like to thank Bozidar for selling already assembled device for people like me, but if you want, you can do it yourself (just check the detailed step-by-step instructions). Good luck to everyone!

Thank you very much for the honest review, hope for more similar reviews 😉

by Sesily on

I AM SUPER EXCITED....received my order 3 days ago.... Wow, this machine is well put together! Thank you so much for all of the love and care you place in putting these machines together, along with the instructions....You are amazing....thank you so much. Placing a bigger order! Thank you once again, and yes....not sure what happened with the email!

I'm glad you like it. Thanks Sesily, all the best 🙂

by Sesily Carter on
Excited, Yet Still Waiting for Order

Hello there....ordered over a week ago and paid for fed-x shipping. Would like a tracking number and or a status. Excited about receiving my 2 products. 🙂

Dear Sesily, Sorry for worries 🙁 As i can see from the Fedex tracking number, you already received the devices. The problem is your email, it's coming back as not delivered ( gmail says it doesn't exist ). Can you contact me from another email. I tried also your yahoo email and same results.



by Robert Clark on
Completed Units

This will be the third unit for the extended family, working on the rest. Thank-you for offering the Beck units at the price and quality they are. Thanks to the other commenter on using the tens pads, link below for the usa, they allow for more mobility, I spray the wrist with salt water, let dry, and apply the pads. Have a 90 year old mother on the unit, shes back up to walking 1+ miles a day after 60 days of use. Using ozonated water as part of Becks protocol, Mom says..100 here I come....Thanks for offering this....Robert



Great, thanks Robert. Say hello to your mother 😉

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