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I am receiving your emails on a regular basis, thanks.
Here are some answers I gave, maybe they will be useful also to you.
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The device is working on the 3.8 – 4Hz as Bob has suggested. (Alternating voltage)
Yes, the flashing light is signal for alternating current.

I am using this device for more than 10 years now and is working ok.
Usually, I do 2 (two) treatments per year. Around April and in November, just to boost my immune system.

The device is made from his original schematic.
I added only the voltage enhancer from 9V to 33V, so we can use only one 9V battery. This is common in the electronic world.

About the loose electrode, I explained everything in the manual. Please check it out.

We test every device several times. Before shipping, but mistakes could happen.

With my device, I change a battery for every new treatment.

About the electric pulses, yes the maximum is at the end of the knob. For me personally, on the end is too intense. I use it around 7-8.

The current straight depends on the conductivity between electrodes and your skin. Because of this, we use salt water with electrodes.

How often and how long to use the device depends on the problem.

I use it occasionally twice or three times a year for a week or 14 days/ 2 hours per day.

Bob recommended for serious problems a month or two, twice a day for two hours.

Check his lecture. You can download it from my site.

Hi, I have a question I have been doing some reading on using this device and I see that there is something called a die-off, could you explain this to me, what it would feel like and what it will do to me physically?

Die-off means for pathogens and viruses. When you use the device, you kill a lot of pathogens in your blood. And your body must get rid of them via kidney and other eliminating process. The idea was to go slowly. A week or two 30 minutes per day, then 1 hour per day, then 1,5 hours per day and at the end 2 hours per day. Please check Bob’s suggestions. I personally do 2 hours per day for 14 days, twice a year. It is just to boost my immune system.

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