Q. In the original Bob Beck’s device i can see there are three 9V batteries but in your device there is only one. Can you explain?
A. Yes, you are right. Bob designed the device with 3 x 9V batteries, because the device needs 27V. I used a simple electronic solution that is common in the electronic devices to produce more voltage. It’s a so- called voltage enhancer. A few diodes and capacitors with an IC7660 are used to produce 33V from a 9V battery. The basic design from Bob is still exactly the same.

Q. Will I receive a tracking number?
A. Of course the shipping includes a tracking number. Please allow 10–15 days for delivery as it is sent with by regular post. You also have the option when ordering to choose Fedex shipping. They deliver within a few days.

Q. I have a ….. disease. Can you tell me if this device will work for me.
A. As I am not a doctor and this is not a medical device, I cannot give you any medical advice. Please refer to your medical practitioner.

Q. Do you guarantee that your electronic kit will work ?
A. The kit is tested and it definately works. I can’t guarantee, however, your assembling skills. My 11 year old daughter has assembled several of these kits and they worked every single time. I have however, seen very poor soldering from various buyers. If you don’t know how to solder properly, you have the option of ordering the device already assembled.

Q. Do you also offer the magnetic pulser?
A. At the moment, no. Regarding the magnetic pulser, we are dealing with high voltage (110/220 V) and this is a very big responsibility.

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