Assembly manual

Build your blood electrification device.

If you are a fan of electronics, you can build the Bob Beck device yourself. When ordering the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), you will receive assembly instructions, as you can see below.

Soldering manual for bob beck blood electrification device

The pdf below is a lecture by Bob Beck at various conferences across the United States. In the pdf, he described how he came up with the idea for a blood electrification device and how to build your device. The device is part of the well-being process. Later, his process was named the Bob Beck protocol. The protocol consists of 4 parts.

  • Blood electrification,
  • Use of the pulsed magnetic field,
  • Drinking colloidal silver,
  • Drinking of ozonized water.

Learn more about the protocol in pdf.

Download Bob Beck’s lecture for further study, below:


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