Spare parts instructions

Thank you for ordering the Bob Beck device. The first one I assembled was for myself back in 2006. It literally changed my life, and I hope it will be beneficial for you too. I personally test and inspect each device before shipping. However, please note that this product is still manually assembled, so some parts may be slightly inconsistent.

My biggest challenge still lies with the electrodes and their cables. Somehow, I can’t seem to achieve consistency between the plug at the end of the cable and the hole in the electrode. I have tried adjusting the hole several times, but it seems that the cable manufacturer always has some tolerance in the pin thickness. It’s possible that your electrode may slide off the cable. One of my customers provided me with a solution. You can see how to easily prevent this in the image below.

Please be careful with the clamp. Just a gentle squeeze is enough, and the small notch will hold the electrode securely on the tip of the cable. If you have any questions, you can contact me through my website.

I have sent the instruction manual to your email. Please also check your SPAM folder.

Wishing you good health and everything you desire in life.

NOTE: If you can’t see the whole image, please turn the phone horizontally.

Pins adjustment

Spare parts




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